What We Do

• 2 intimate homes located in Spring Branch housing a maximum
of 16 sober women

• Staff consisting solely of recovering addicts/alcoholics including
certified Recovery Coaches

• Supportive one-on-one life skills sessions with experienced staff

• Limited transportation provided; close access to public

• Job assistance

Who We Are


Memorial Women’s Recovery House provides women with a safe, comfortable home environment and a supportive, recovery-focused peer group. Counselors are available to residents 24 hours a day. One-on-one recovery coaching, life-skills development, employment and education guidance, fellowship activities, and family support are provided. Frequent, random drug screening is conducted to ensure the safety of the community. Our focus is not only helping our residents maintain and strengthen their recovery, but also to help them become productive members of society. Our women are building a strong foundation in the outside recovery community and a solid understanding of the skills necessary to live a productive life free from drugs and alcohol.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are group homes for people struggling with addiction. While not as structured as a full residential treatment center, sober living homes work to provide a certain level of accountability for residents as they learn how to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol. Some addicts enter sober living homes as a safe and structured way to transition from an inpatient rehab to living independently.


The primary goal of sober living homes is to learn to live sober and live responsibly. Addiction causes suffering addicts to behave and act in irresponsible ways. Sober living homes expect residents to learn to be responsible for themselves. This means finding/maintaining employment, paying rent on time, do all the same things they would do if they lived on their own in a regular home or apartment.


While rules differ from home to home, the common rule of all sober living homes is maintaining sobriety. Upon move in, residents agree to the rules set in place. Violation of the rules have consequences ranging from writing essays on the rule broken to increased chores to ultimately discharge from the home. These rules are in place to enable residents to learn to be responsible for themselves and be accountable for their behavior.


If you or someone you love is battling drug or alcohol addiction, sober living could be the best place to be. Sober living homes have been shown to be a huge aid to establishing long term sobriety and integrating back into society.

About the Facility

Memorial Recovery is located in Spring Branch, Houston, Texas. We have two beautiful homes in close proximity to shopping, restaurants and AA/NA meetings.


Please call or email if you have any questions.

(832) 263-1950


Office: 9112 Spring Branch Drive, Houston TX 77093